Lightly Burnin'

A Pro-Second Amendment Rap

Done to the tune of "Ridin' (Dirty)"


We cannot afford to be silent!
That means we DON'T shut up, or "pipe down"!
This here's what I'm talkin' about.

(Chorus 1)

They see me rollin'
my chambers
The antis don't want me to be lightly burnin'
They don't want me lightly burnin'
They don't want me lightly burnin'
They don't want me lightly burnin'
I cannot help lightly burnin'

My cylinder rolls
the rounds up
When you pull the trigger I start lightly burnin'
That's when I start lightly burnin'
That's when I start lightly burnin'
That's when I'm lightly burnin'
That's when I start lightly burnin'

First rule of safety is I'm loaded
Barrel's in line with your arm & shoulder
Never think that a gun's unloaded
Check it every time you pick it up to hold it

Downrange is the only safe direction
That's the second rule it's not to question
Don't be pointin' it at any other place
Or the R. S. O. will get up in ya face

My Facebook feed's got a Liberal podcast
Dedicated to making the Right To Bear Arms last
Liberal's Gun Corner's getting episodes fast
Never would've been doing this in THE past

Handguns and rifles and various shotguns are
The most common types of guns, these'll get you far
And they used to lube the bullets with a type of lard
The people shootin' so well they split the edge of a card

Antis say it's for the public good
Get rid of the 2A, yeah, we should
We will repeal it, knock on wood
The anti's would do it if they could

But when they hear that "bump in the night"
Threatening *their* kids, What? Do? They? Grab?
You know it's
The gun, the pistol, the gat
It's the very same thing they don't want us to have!
The hypocrisy is bad

(Chorus 2)

AB962, they tried to
Record every box of ammo that you buy
California's playin' dirty
California's playin' dirty
Politicians get real wordy
Tryin' ta hide that they play dirty

New York, New Jersey, Chicago
Disarmed citizens, how they gon stop the bad folks
Let the people have their semis
Let the people have their semis
Revolvers work well, too
The revolver and the semi!

I been loadin' and shootin'
Makin' 357 is soothin'
A 3-fifty-eight cast bullet to rule them
My alum-in-i-um mould, I never leave cold

SASS is gonna really appeal to you
I like the Rossi 92
It's a Winchester without the high price
An average guy or a girl, they can afford it, that's gotta nice

You're gonna hit some steel plates
When the beeper goes off, Have Fun And Shoot!
It don't matter big or small the group
Just as long as you wear cowboy boots, yo!

A hunter and his levergun
If he's good then they act together as one
Not just a right, but it's al-so really fun
Let's not dump on or harm The Right To Bear Arms

I'm Lib-er-al as can be and like my rights, can't you see
And a right not abused, but used, that's just part of Liberty

Only question I ever thought was hard
Was do I go AK, or do I go AR?
Gun show's better than the County Fair
Exercise your rights, and buy a gun from there

(Chorus 3)

They see my sights on
the target
They lose common sense and they get talkin' dirty
Don't know why they talkin' dirty
Chrissy Matthews talkin' dirty
Do you talk with kids so dirty?
Don't come at me talkin' dirty!

They wanna roll with
Some curse words
The potty mouth kind o' talk you know is dirty
What is up with talkin' dirty?
What is up with talkin' dirty?
Their language gets real dirty
Why they got-ta talk so dirty?

I am a semi-auto
Favored by soldiers and cops who fought
you don't think I'm a valid purchase?
Might wanna check with my man Tony Curtis

He and others like him and Jamie
Want the police guarding them to be swingin'
With their Glock 40's and some magazines
To guard THEM from a threat unforeseen

"I think we can make some money."
That's from the mouth of Leland Yee
Hates the Second Amendment, ya see
But he's helpin' Shrimp Boy in Gun-Runing

Superstorm Sandy wiped out New York
New Jersey, the whole North-East seaboard
Had roving gangs out to pillage and mayhem
The people needed guns for their own defense THEN!

You banned semi-autos with 8 or more rounds
But Not For Your Po-Lice On The Ground
Journal-News prints a map of all gun owners
People in many places said Hey Whoa There

But they didn't like it when their own addresses
Got the same treatment, oh wait, we're lesser?
That's what they seem to think about us
But then they get bodyguards with guns to protect THEM
(why they scared o' us?)

Chorus 4 (ending)

You see me castin'
My boolits
My forty-five Colt with them makes groups of one inch
I can shoot a group of one inch
I can shoot a group of one inch
Look at this group here of one inch
Gun control is groups of one inch

That Michael Bloomberg,
He's trippin'
The antis don't make no sense but they still blurtin'
You cannot stop them from blurtin'
That is why California's hurtin'
You cannot stop them blurtin'
Keep your powder Lightly Burnin'!

San Francisco Liberal...
With A Gun...
Practice often...
Vote in every election...
Carry On!

Lyrics Copyright (C) 2014 C. Terrell Prude', Jr. All Rights Reserved